1. Admin > Users > + Add New

 New user

2. Insert user information

 New user details 2

3. Add permission for user

New user details 3


     Sees all the information

     Has right to export data

     Cannot make any changes or delete data


     Sees all the information

     Has right to export data

     Has right to make changes (all changes remain logged)

     Cannot delete assets and contracts


     Has access to the Admin functionality

     Has right to set up users

     Manages all settings

     Has right to add data and delete data

NB! System allows more than 1 administrator per company


     To restrict access, deactivate the user 

NB! System doesn't allow delete users (only deactivation is allowed)


4. Add what protperties user sees

New user details 4


     User can see all properties what company has 

One or multiple (multiple lists can be selected) 

     User can see only selected properties


 5. Add notes to the user (optional)

New user details 5

NB! Fill up all fields, what are marked as reyuired (* ). If any ot the required fields are left out, the system will not allow to save new user.


6. Save new user.
Press "Save" right upper corner
New user details 6

NB! Saving user, system will automatically send an email to the user with a link on how to login to Moderan.

Now user is created.
System has given ID number to the user.