Property is one investment that has one landlord - most often it is just one building, but sometimes it can include more than one building. 

Examples: A property can be one office building. Or one mixed use building. Or a production complex with 3 buildings. Or a neighbourhood retail center with 2 buildings.


 1. Add new property 

Assets > Properties

Add property 27122018


Click the button Add new 25102018and fill the 

Property - add a name for the Property. This name will is used in your reports. This is a mandatory field.

Code - if you want, you can add any marker you want to filter the Properties by (for example your fund identifier).

Property owner - click Pluss icon 25102018and add the landlord name or if you have already added the Organization before, then just select from the drop-down list. Moderan links the Property name and Landlord name automatically to all the Buildings and Rental contracts linked to this Property. If you leave this field empty, all the Rental contacts linked to this Property will be missing the Landlord name. However, you can add it and also change it any time later (it automatically populate / update the Landlord name on all the Rental contracts).

Value - if you want, you can add Property value for your information.