This article explains what is an immovable and how do add a new immovable.

Immovable is a landplot. Usually buildings get their address assigned by the Immovable they are located on.

1. Add new immovable

Assets > Immovables > + ADD NEW


Fill in the fields:

Property – links immovable with to the property. Choose the property name from the drop-down list. This is a mandatory field.

Registry Number – land registry code assigned to each landplot.

Aadress – immovable address is automatically transferred to associated buildings and will be also building addresses. Each immovable has a unique address. This is a mandatory field.

Ownership Relation – select relevant ground of ownership.

Zoning – select primary zoning type.

Planning Status – select the status of detailed planning from the drop-down list. Detailed plan can be accepted, enforced or initiated. If the immovable doesn't have one, choose none.

Immovable Size – officially designed size of the landplot in m2 (the unit is automatically added by Moderan).

Parking Spaces – parking spaces on the landplot, not in the buildings.

Primary Immovable – check the box, if immovable is the primary immovable. First immovable entered for a Property is automatically designated as primary. You can change it manually.