Using Excel for Property Management?

Property management

Time to get digital with property management!

Even on the best of days, managing a real estate portfolio is a challenging obstacle course of deadlines, space changes and the subtle art of utility calculation. Furthermore, the past year has accelerated changes that were already happening in property management. Even though the traditional office is far from dead, business owners re-evaluate where they need offices and expect more flexibility from landlords.

Tallinn-based start-up Moderan Solutions is cutting through all the different layers of challenges and making commercial real estate management easy and efficient. Moderan was born out of the real-life struggles of managing complex commercial properties. The software offers a flexible toolbox for property management, lease rent-roll, and automated utility calculations.

The toolbox should fit the portfolio, not vice versa

You might think that specialized software is only meant for the really big or very hip and trendy real estate companies managing a vibrant portfolio of ever-changing pop-up lease spaces and other trendsetting rentals. But all commercial real estate owners face the same challenges:

  • space changes — unlike residential real estate, commercial spaces are often rebuilt and the space size changes;
  • deadlines — there are always lease deadlines, indexation windows, notice periods, insurance requirements, etc. coming up;
  • utility calculations — they need to reflect all the vacancies, exceptions and tenant and space changes.

Keeping track of all these factors with spreadsheets is complicated even with the simplest portfolios. While Excel property management  does what it’s meant to do really well, it certainly has its limits. The lease information is not centralized and automated, which wastes time and causes — often costly — errors in the data. And utilities calculation in a refurbished building is oftentimes a mess only few people can dig themselves through.

The right property management software should be designed to fit around the needs of the portfolio — any portfolio — big or small, with old or new buildings, traditional long-term or flexible leases.

Moderan — the key to portfolio data integrity

Moderan aggregates all the property and lease information and makes it work for the owner, not the other way around. It gives you one standardized yet flexible environment to see and manage all properties in one place and track deadlines automatically. For utilities, you only have to import the readings, add utility bills and your monthly calculation can be done in a matter of minutes.

All in all, it gives comprehensive transparency and integrity throughout the property and lease management process. This saves time and money, helps manage properties smarter, and maximize your property revenue.

Moderan property management software works best for commercial leases and mixed use portfolios with various types of rental spaces. A flexible user-based pricing model makes it suitable for both a 300 m² portfolio with one manager and a 300 000 m² portfolio with a whole specialized team.

Are you ready to bring transparency and peace of mind to your portfolio management? Ask for a personalized free Demo and find out more about Moderan:


This article was first published in THE BALTIC Times Magazine 2021 (Autumn – Winter Season).

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