Moderan partners with insurance advisor ASSIMO

New Partner Assimo Insurance

ASSIMO – a trusted specialist for complex and innovative insurance concepts for real estate.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, we need better solutions and innovative features for real estate insurance policies and expiration deadlines management. ASSIMO understands innovation and as an ASSIMO customer, you benefit directly from the extensive market and industry knowledge which has grown over 40 years, offering reliable insurance solutions in the real estate industry. Moderan Solutions offers perfect tools to keep all contracts (incl. insurance contracts) on track on timely manners with reminders alerts : you’ll have a clear overview of – what property, which contract, on what time needs any action.

What makes ASSIMO special for real estate owners?

For real estate professionals, one of the most important tasks is to provide adequate insurance coverage for their managed properties.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for even experienced property managers to find their way through the jungle of tariffs due to the complex insurance market. As a result, it is becoming almost impossible for property owners and managers to find an ideal and custom-fit insurance policy for their portfolio. This is where ASSIMO’s innovation comes in.

Advantages for ASSIMO customers.

As an ASSIMO customer, you benefit directly from the extensive market and industry knowledge that has grown over 40 years.

The direct effects:

  • Your tailor-made insurance package takes into account offers from over 30 insurance companies.
  • Cost savings of up to 25 %.
  • No run-of-the-mill products, but customised solutions for the real estate industry.

Together we develop innovative features for insurance and deadline management. ASSIMO understands innovation.

What distinguishes ASSIMO from conventional insurance agencies?

Smart insurance concepts and innovative service are ASSIMO’s mission. This is reflected in the four steps that form the basis of their work:

    Assimo Insurance Concept

    The particular bonus of the ASSIMO: For residential building insurances, these experts even have their own different schemes of insurance coverage.

    Find out more about ASSIMO at:

    How Moderan Solutions aligned with ASSIMO?

    Digitalisation does not mean simply transferring old behavior to a new, digital environment. It has the potential to be so much more! At Moderan, we live the network idea and integrate complementary solutions into our software in order to really leverage the full potential of digitalisation. Together with our partners, we develop new functions and are constantly looking for ways to rethink networking and cooperation.

    We combine the numerous features and advantages of Moderan software with Assimo’s benefits of experienced, objective insurance advice. The synergy effect: more security and more convenience for you!


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