• Real-time portfolio overview – all your properties and buildings in one place.
  • Key metrics: vacancy, total monthly rent, average rent/m², number of leases.
  • All lease updates automatically reflected in portfolio metrics.
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  • Instant overview of vacant spaces across your whole portfolio.
  • History of previous tenants, their lengths of stay, their rent levels.
  • Easily manage the key complexity of CRE – changes in space size.
  • The most extensive and flexible lease rent-roll.
  • All tenant lease information in one place: terms, documents, contracts.
  • Extensive history of rent and other changes.
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  • Extensive database of tenants and their contacts.
  • Overview of each tenant’s leases across your portfolio.
  • One-click filtering to see only tenants with currently active leases, across your portfolio or separately in each property.
  • The most complicated CRE process – monthly/annual utilities calculation and balancing – done in a few minutes.
  • Powerful engine for managing the countless exceptions agreed with tenants.
  • Import readings, update incoming cost number and that’s it.
    Calculations are already done!
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    • All your regular reporting always ready, for last month, year or any other period.
    • Tenant changes, monthly revenues, property performance and many more.
    • One-click export to Excel for every single report and view.
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    • Decide which properties each of your user can or cannot see.
    • 3 levels of access rights – view only, manage data or full admin.
    • All changes logged, so you never have to worry about those unknowns Excel edits again.
    • Expert online support whenever your team needs it.

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