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Commercial real estate industry is changing. We use the insights from the market and combine them with our proprietary data to help you better manage your assets.
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Case Study: Lumi Capital made professional property management their competitive advantage

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Property Management case study CHALLENGE: managing a mixed portfolio with diverse tenants across several countries Using Excel is time-consuming and prone to errors Excel lacks automated analytics and is no use for tracking lease or property history Specialized property management software is often too complicated or [...]

In Property Management, missing a deadline can cost you millions

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It’s no news that missing deadlines can cost you money. But did you know that it can quickly snowball into millions lost in revenue and property value? Read more about managing deadlines and how it’s a critical part of commercial real estate lease management. In [...]

Utilities calculations – the pros and cons of different approaches

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The practices of utilities calculations vary due to historical and legislative background, as well as economic stability and mere convenience. All the different approaches have their pros and cons for the tenant and the landlord. We use the term “utilities costs” (also called “ancillary [...]

Commercial real estate leases are getting shorter. How can landlords use that to their advantage?

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Companies of all industries and sizes are demanding shorter, more flexible real estate leases. But you can’t blame it all on the pandemic. COVID just put this irreversible process to a fast-forward. Find out what the future of commercial real estate holds and how landlords [...]

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Kinnisvara turg on muutumises – kuidas sellest maksimumi võtta?

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Tänane ärikinnisvara turg on tõepoolest muutumises – üürnikud ootavad üha mitmekülgsemaid võimalusi, aina kõrgemalt hinnatakse stock-office'i tüüpi segalahendusi ning kontoripinda üüritakse ruutmeetrite asemel laua kaupa.

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